Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Finished poster

After using photoshop I edited the image and incorporated the extra text using what was available on photoshop. I used a "cutting" theme to give the texture a more plastic blurred effect.
Here is the finished poster.


After lots of debate about what the final shape would be, I decided instead of making lots of little shells and glueing them together, I wanted a less obvious theme of repeat in my design. I used all together 12 sheets of yellow card and used the folding technique seen through out my blog and sketch book to create the final design. 

This has a repetitive theme and shell influenced texture to it so seemed perfect for my ideas.

I used the stapler to fix them all into shape and here is final 3D object...

To show the repetitive theme at its most obvious I took a photograph of the 3d piece from the inside.

I think the above image could have looked really effective to use as my final piece for the folder, however after lots of query i wouldnt have been able to use it anyway as a different object had to be used in the poster.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Gf Smith Paper

Here I just quickly looked at the actual logo of the company.

Poster Design

For my poster design ideas, you need to look in my sketch book as a lot of sketches were involved with my development process, such as layout and text. However the final design the poster was based on is shown in the image below.

I regret to say I didnt screen print the process of getting from here to my final design. As mentioned before my ideas for the poster design are shown through my sketch book work as I found I experiemented all my ideas of design through pen and paper, then simply created the design straight away on the computer and was able to this immediately as I had already planned what my final poster would be.

More shell sculptures...

I wanted a more complicated shell sculpture that maybe involved several shapes I had used before. Here is an example...

For the above sculpture I used the folded paper technique then made some shell forms out of paper sculptures that were seen in my previous blog post.

I incorporated many shapes to try and resemble a shell shape, however it didnt follow the theme repeat so i didnt feel it was good enough for a final design.

For the shape below I just simply cut slits into a sheet of paper, again just experimenting trying to grasp a simple shape that I could maybe repeat several times to use as a final piece.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Paper Experimentation.

Based on the photos I took of the shells I began making simple shapes out of paper. Here are a few of the shells I made based on my own knowledge on paper manipulation; they do not focus entirely on the techniques Richard Sweeney showed us.

I tried to create this sculpture without using much adhesive or any staples at all if possible just by twisting the paper, an interesting texture was created but I prefer a final piece to be less crumpled, it has a nicer finish if the paper is still smooth and clean cut.

Here the central swirling form is very recognisable as a shell shape.

For the shell below I did use Richard Sweeneys techniques of slicing the paper and folding it to create 3d form. I then scored the paper at the front to create a bend in the shape of a shell.

Here is a zoomed image of the scored fold.

For this sculpture I cut the paper into tabs again, but this time used glue to stick each tab together, for me this is the most recognisable sculpture relating to a shell form, because of its hollow centre and bend of direction.
The paper also casts a shadow creating an interesting texture similar to that of a shell.

The same sculpture just a different angle photograph.

I made this sculpture using a similar method to the one above I just changed the tab sizes.

Here is a simple swirling shell form that could easily be repeated to make up a larger sculpture. It would look interesting on a really small scale and made out of card. I could try to use this simple shape several times to create a larger different shell form. Then it would follow the theme of repeat.

3 sheets of paper were used to create this sculpture, each layer just stapled slightly looser than the sheet beneath it.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Work from other Artists...

I surfed the internet for paper sculptures of shells, just to see if there was already any work out there that could help me. Here were a few things I found...

I couldnt manage to find out who this piece was by but the repetive them to it seemed fitting for this module and the general pattern and shape of this sculpture could help me with my ideas on shells.

From here on I started to look for particular Artists that worked with paper to create sculptures, here are 2 artists that created work I found most influential...


I came across an artist who creates many things in his work as a designer, however he had actually created shells through the art of paper manipulation so I thought I should include him in my research.
He takes a different approach to richard Sweeney, in that Dave Wood works on a much smaller scale and it is not based so much on 3D work but on the texture and pattern of the paper design.

Here are 3 links to his work on shells , as I was unable to post the images on blogger for copyright reasons.





I came across another talented artist who has created the most amazing sculptures I have ever seen just through the use of paper - Allen and Patty Eckman.

Unfortunately I could not find out much information on the process of how they build the designs but their work is absolutely mind blowing so It was definitely a must do when it came to including them in my research and work that influenced me. Here is a link to their web page for reference purposes...


And here are their amazing paper sculptures...

There isnt a repetitive theme to their work, but I felt so fascinated by their sculpture designs that they should be included in my blog, as they are definitely a pair of very talented artists who I can aspire to in terms of this project.

They seems to follow a particular War/ Battle theme in their work...

And they are the few selected sculptures I chose to include from Allen and Patty Eckman, a very different approach to paper manipulation but one that definitely does them proud, their work is fantastic to say the least.